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Some Choice Words About Brett

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Brett Sawyer (1986), born in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, is an indie author who writes short stories & novellas, from science fiction to superheroes.

Short Change arrived at retailers in November of 2014, the start of a superhero series where ordinary people gained powers over oddly specific domains.

Popular releases in science fiction include “Dark Station” and “Tales from the Colony: An Interstellar Saga.”

Finding Brett Online

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A Bit of Brett’s Books

Collections of Short Stories & Serialized Fiction

Superhero Fiction

Standalone superhero stories and Brett’s mainstay series, the Resonance Saga.  Stay tuned for upcoming Days of Resonance release dates.

Science Fiction

Short sci-fi adventures and larger projects, including the Starlight Century Saga.


A running third in Brett’s short fiction, but worth a read.