Howitz – Guardian of the Boon

First Name – Howitz

Last Name – N/A
Age – 3,427 Suns
Sex – N/A
Species – N/A
Role – Guardian of the Boon
Book (Series) – Beyond the Beyond


The boon allowed life to exist and to begin in Howitz’s village.  When it went out, as it did from time to time, someone elected to make the journey that previous heirs had done in ages past.  Travel far from the village and out into the great beyond.

Somewhere out there was the obelisk.  One could light it and restore the boon or at least the legends said so.  It seemed to have worked many times, though once far from the boon’s warmth, any of his kind wouldn’t last long.

Howitz didn’t very much like the idea of self-sacrifice, but if there were alternatives, they died out along with the benefactors…his people’s great ancestors.  Regardless, he was prepared to do it, the same as his grandfather some suns ago, though he never expected what he would find when he finally reached it.

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