Jesmian Hemlok – The Dark One

First Name – Jesmian

Last Name – Hemlok
Age – 31 Years
Sex – Male
Species – Phrotos
Role – God King, Leader of the Phrotos
Book (Series) – Mage Light


Jesmian discovered his own Mage Light when he was only 20.  Since then, he has used it to learn the magical arts for over a decade.  His powers were legendary and earned him the title of God King among his people.

As the God King, he led his armies through the mist lands to conquer the humans. With superior physical abilities and weaponry, they made quick work.  He continued to hunt down surviving humans after the fact, but they seemed to have a knack for disappearing.

A point of note, Jesmian has kept his Mage Light in secret, preferring to have his people believe that the Gods chose him to wield his powers, rather than the truth…that he was a poor excuse for a warrior that found something after fleeing his post.

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