Kyle Carter – One Lucky Bastard

First Name – Kyle
Last Name – Carter
Age – 23 GS Years
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Role – General Survivalist / Dumb Luck
Book (Series) – Star Power


Carter was a Lieutenant in the Earth’s New Order (E.N.O.) Federation Fleet and recently transferred to the Epsilon while on base.

Neither the Captain nor the Commanders on board could find a record of his transfer, but due to an emergency order, there was no time to sort things out.  He was part of the crew, whether he liked it or not.

Kyle had an immense fear of deep space travel that centered on Space Folding, which was a product of space distortion generated by Star Power engines that made deep space travel effectively possible.

He’d heard tales of luggage and other things go missing, and he was afraid that the same thing might also happen to people.

Kyle often browsed the deep reaches of the net and was prone to obliging the doctrines of conspiracy theories that others might shy away from.  He was also a huge fan of aliens and the unknown in general.

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