Madame Leblanc – Power Over Memories

First Name – Emma

Last Name – Leblanc
Age – 31 Years
Sex – Female
Species – Human
Resonance – Memory
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga


Leblanc’s resonance was tied to memory.  Employed by Savage Steel in recent years, she served as the first stop for all new resonance armed employees.  Leblanc would often wipe any memories that might cause a conflict with Savage Steel in new recruits, but she would also shape and mold new memories if there needed to be ties of allegiance.

Madame Leblanc had personally sealed away much of Splotch’s knowledge about his powers, but as she soon found out, her ability to change and seal memories could be temporary in certain subjects.  How many months or years before her manufactures blockages eroded depended on the individual, but it seemed that those who possessed a resonance took much less time.

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