Miles Emmerson – Short Change

First Name – Miles

Last Name – Emmerson
Age – 24
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Resonance – Metallic Currency
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga


Main protagonist of the series, Miles Emmerson was American born, but moved to France once he landed a job working for Savage Steel.  Miles was an inspector of firearms, and through a meticulous process, ensured that a quality product landed on the shelves of businesses across Europe.

Miles gained his resonance shortly after witnessing a murder on the premises of his now former employer, and decided to flee and change his identity while he lived underneath the expansive radar of Savage Steel.  

As he honed his powers, he discovered that he could feel the presence of coins from various countries or origin and had the ability to manipulate them telekinetically.  However, he found that his resonance was both material and shape.  He could manipulate neither shapes other than coins nor materials other than a handful of metals.

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