Miso Faeryn – Roguish Rascal

First Name – Miso
Last Name – Faeryn
Age – 17 Years
Sex – Male
Species – Morgul
Role – Runner
Book (Series) – Mage Light


Miso was a runner for his tribe, which meant that his job was to gather goods, through either trade or theft, and bring them back to his forest den.  Occasionally, however, his goal was to ferry humans to safety…away from the prying hooves of the Phrotos.

Unlike those who kept themselves underground, Miso was ‘free’, as he put it, though during his travels, this attitude had gotten him a few narrow escapes and some nicks to remind him of the business end of a sword.

When he happened upon Yan, a confrontation left him with half an ear on one side…and it itched horribly whenever Phrotos were near.  The horsemen gave him reason to think that it was his own special kind of magic.

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