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On Writing Two Books At Once

There’s an old phrase juggled around in popular culture.

“He who hunts two foxes catches neither.”

It’s a good motto to stick by if you want to do something right, but in a society where multitasking is highly rewarded skill, people are tempted to…try to attain more than the fates allowed.

I think that there are times in the work place when being able to hunt two foxes is both an attainable and desired skill.

However, I do believe there are some things that a person cannot do well when his attention is preoccupied.  You can’t browse Facebook and do homework.  Go ahead and try.  See how far you get.

Most likely the thought here is that foxes don’t normally run in the same direction.  When that happens, you must split up your forces in order to catch both of them.  Less dogs.  Less guns.

When it comes to writing books…it depends.  Even two similar books don’t necessarily run in the same direction.  Each hour you’d spend on one is an hour you have to take away from the other.

My writing shows its biased nature, though.  You’d think one could multitask short fiction, but for now, I can’t.  Do big name authors have multiple projects?  Sure…but probably no more than two.  I think that was the limit for Brandon Sanderson.

Yes, I’d say that two books at once is the limit.  Anything more than that…and you’d be stretching your attention so thin that you really couldn’t put a good effort in. There are other dangers too.  You may lose interest in one book and devote the remainder of time to the other.

Survival of the fittest would pit two adventures against one another in a battle where nobody wins.

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