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To Wattpad or Not…pad

Wattpad is a site where people can publish free e-books. Essentially, you can post the content of a story to the site and anyone can read it.  


  • If you have written a short story that you are definitely sure you aren’t going to charge people money for, then this is a great site to start with.
  • There is zero formatting required, because the site only accepts basic text.  You copy your book’s content over and you’re pretty much done.
  • The community is very friendly, I’ve discovered, so the worst you’re going to get is constructive criticism.  It’s just great.



  • I’m generally not paranoid about piracy…but you’ve essentially enabled floating free copies of your book if you do decide later to charge for it.
  • Images are a no-no.  Because the site is text only, you won’t be able to publish a book that has images.  If pictures are essential to your book, keep that in mind.
  • It’s a closed system.  The comments and praise you get there won’t really translate over to Amazon or iTunes.


These are the main points that I’ve discovered from using Wattpad for the last several months.  I hope that this list serves as a useful tool in deciding whether to use the service.

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