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Top 5 Family Guy Books

Just out of boredom, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fictional books written in the family Guy universe.  Mind you, that’s not books about family guy, but actually books written by the characters themselves.

Sadly…or maybe for the better, these books only exist in their universe.


5.)  Everybody Poops, Catholic Version

AKA, “You’re a Naughty Child and That’s Concentrated Evil Coming out the Back of You!”  This book was one of many copies that a librarian took out of the shelf when Peter was asking for a book about pooping.  When he mentioned that his family was catholic, the old man librarian revealed this Gem.  


4.)  Faster Than the Speed of Love

Okay, I have to put this one on the list.  It may not be the best book in the Family Guy Universe…heck, who am I kidding.  This book virtually sold itself on the idea that it was THE worse book ever written.  Good job, Brian…I guess?  I mean, being the worse book in all of Family guy has to count for something…right?


3.)  The Rules

“House.  Roadhouse.  That too.”  House was checking up on a patient for Dr. Hartman when one of his assistants offered to him what he believed was essential to doing a good job…the rule book.  

But heck, House was like:  “Get that thing out of my sight!”  And he threw it out the window.  House don’t need no rules to know how to rock!


2.)  Peterotica

Wouldn’t be a proper list without this one.  Originally xeroxed, Peterotica eventually became so popular in the family guy universe that it spawned an audiobook version that featured Betty White…then promptly sank due to a lawsuit.


1.)  Wish It, Want It, Do It

The King of Kings.  A self help book, it was the one book that brought Brian Griffin untold fame and fortune.  Things were looking good.  Brian was on top of the world…until he blew it on a talk show with Bill Maher.

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