WordPress or Blogger – A Mixed Bag

My experiences with are a mixed bag.  I’ll attempt to layout some of the pros and cons of the service as opposed to blogger.

You can’t go wrong with either site, but there are subtle differences between them.  In addition, I will not be addressing, which is another service that WordPress provides that requires one to purchase a web hosting service.  That one is probably the best cheapest paid hosting for a blog. and Blogger are completely free blog hosting options with the option of paying for more upgrades.

  • WordPress likes to do many things for you.  There are more widgets to choose from and the interface has many more bells and whistles than blogger.
  • WordPress has many more custom made themes to choose from.
  • However, full customization of said themes is limited, often to the header image and perhaps a few colors.  Changing the font and more intricate customization requires an upgrade.  
  • Some themes…the good ones, you’d have to purchase.
  • Overall, if you’ve little design experience, their custom themes mean your blog will look much better out of the box than something you just cooked up out of blogger.
  • A blog has a follow button, which may include twitter followers and Facebook friends if you choose.  Ordinarily, it just includes WordPress bloggers who signed up to follow your blog.  It’s a bit like a subscriber count in YouTube terms.
  • People view WordPress as a more professional standard.  It’s been out for a long while and has a huge history.

  • Limited themes, but many possibilities for customization.  You can change the font of any section and the color schemes of your web page are virtually limitless.
  • For any theme, you can import a custom header, background image, and you can even set the layout and margins of your blogs content.
  • There are no expanded services to pay for that I’ve read up on, but if you want to have a custom URL, like “” instead of “”, you’ll have to purchase one and have it redirect to your blog.
  • There is no “Followers” button per say on blogger.  However, you do have a +1 button and depending on if your blog links to your google+ profile, you can allow people to add you to their circles.
  • Blogger takes a good deal of effort to make it look nice.  You can select a default theme and default background, but it will look ugly.
  • People view Blogger as less professional out there in the internet.  Blogger hasn’t been going for very long, but we’ll see.  More and more famous people are using it.


And there we have it.  I hope that that provided an accurate picture.  From my experience, I’d suggest WordPress for most people.  It provides better instant gratification and it ends up looking more professional in most cases.

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