Yan Kamal – The White One

First Name – Yan
Last Name – Kamal
Age – 22 Years
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Role – Ranger
Book (Series) – Mage Light


Yan was very young when his kin still held kingdoms.  After human civilization fell to the iron clad hooves of Phrotos Warlords, his family fled to the woodlands.

After they died, his uncle raised him and taught him how to hunt and survive.  He earned the respect of the Morgul races by single-handedly felling two Phrotos warriors.

When Yan touched a Mage Light for the first time, it chose his hair as the talisman and changed it white.  His powers grew by the day, not unlike The Dark One, because of that trait.  However, it also meant that removing his hair could effectively neutralize his magic.

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