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Never Give Up

Callum McLaughlin

Never give up - You never know when you'll hit success. Never give up – You never know when you’ll hit success.

A while back, I wrote a post urging budding writers to take a moment to overlook the often pessimistic view of ‘making it’ and look instead on the bright side for once. As a means of encouragement, I shared a number of examples where well-known books or authors pushed past hardships and rejection to reach the dizzying heights of success. It went down pretty well, and in the interest of spreading a little more positivity, I decided to follow it up with a few more cases.

  • George Orwell was told that there would not be a market for his now classic book, Animal Farm.
  • In a rejection letter for one of his books, John le Carré was told he “did not have a future” in writing.
  • The iconic, world renowned book, The Diary of a Young Girl by…

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