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Should a writer ever pay to have their work published?

At first, I was confused whether this was sarcasm or seriousness, but once I saw the direction the article was going, I sided completely. Vanity presses prey on the fragile dreams of authors. Mind you, if you are self published, you should probably seek out the services of an editor, but never pay a company to publish your book.

The Rivendale Review

tennerSimple answer: no, not under any circumstances. You must never pay a publisher anything, not for reading, editing, polishing, publishing, distributing or promoting your book.


There’s a suggestion these days this is rather old fashioned advice, like not wearing a tank-top to the office, or mixing your drinks, that the times have changed with all this online whizz-bang stuff and surely an inexperienced author would benefit from some “paid” services in shining up their manuscript in order to attract a publisher. But actually things haven’t changed at all. Whether we are publishing electronically or on paper, if it’s 2015, or 1915, publishers who ask writers for money are vanity publishers; they are predators, they are the bogeymen on the shady periphery of the writing world. Our grandmothers terrified us as children with cautionary tales of their sneaky antics. They are like big cats stalking their prey, always on the…

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