Why do NanoWrimo?

C.K. Martin / Cas Martin

So, this is the last weekend before NaNoWriMo begins. I will be signing up for it again this year (or rather, my alter ego will be, but when it comes to being the one getting words down onto the screen, that pretty much accounts for the same thing). November is, for me, my busiest month of the year, so why do I do it in the first place?

The challenge. This has to be the biggest driver for me. I love the competition, trying to get in as many words as possible. I try to keep up with the leaders of whatever regional lounge I’m in, which has varied over the years depending on where I’m living at the time. There is always a handful of power writers in each forum and I like to put myself right up there with them.

Despite the competition, there is also the camaraderie. Writing is…

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