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Why pay for something you can do yourself?

Definitely loved reading this post. Yes, unless you paid your dues with a Bachelor’s in graphic design, nothing is going to be perfect, but that cover looked awesome.


I know I’ve spent the last few posts typing about my classes, but there is a method to my madness, I swear. A lot of what I’ve been learning this year is something I feel others should know about as well, and hence, I share.

Today’s post is no exception AT ALL. I can safely say that this semester there has been a big focus on seeing a project from start to finish. Manuscript project, that is. One of the things that I’m definitely grateful for is building on my limited skills that’ll (hopefully) save me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars down the road. Don’t get me wrong, what I’ve learned is not easy. It takes time, LOTS of patience (still learning that one) and copious amounts of coffee.

I am referring to book layouts and book covers.

Now, I’m actually hopeless with technology. Pretty pathetic at it, actually…

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