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Richard Adamson – Iron Giant

First Name – Richard

Last Name – Adamson
Age – 29 Years
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Resonance – Iron
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga


Richard was the CEO and owner of Savage Steel, the largest arm’s manufacturer in Europe. He personally oversaw despicable acts for the sake of advancing his company and this methodology included gathering individuals with resonance. Resonance existed before he rose to power, but he was the first to form an organization, albeit in secret.

Richard’s resonance was tied to Iron. He had the ability to attract the element to his body and carry it without encumbrance. Provided ample material, this allowed him to take the form of a nearly indestructible golem. At the height of his power, no resonance user he employed could challenge him, with the exception of Spectrum and the Immortal. The former almost won and the latter didn’t care to try.

Richard gathered his people because he questioned the appearance of resonance in the world. He was certain that there was a reason…that there were architects of resonance and that these architects would eventually return. He wanted to be there with an army if the need arose. He would do anything to meet that end.

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