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Day 2 Challenge ~ A Perfect Book Cover: Can It Make Your Book a Bestseller? (Yes and No!)

I enjoyed reading this post very much. A cover may tell prospective readers much about the content of a book, but if enough readers are aware of its existence, then it becomes a numbers game. We can’t readily engineer ‘viral’ covers anyway.

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business-books-2Can a perfect book cover shoot your book up to bestseller?


But not always.

Have you ever wondered how some books become bestseller even with a plain-looking book cover?

Exactly! There are a lot more factors that come into play and your book cover is just one of them.

So if you’re still under the impression or misconception that a perfect book cover is all you need, wake up and see reality for what it is.

If all your efforts and investment fail, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t even think of quitting.

Winners never quit and quitters never win. ~Vince Lombardi

After this discussion, you’ll be a lot wiser.

Now, let’s examine what these factors are and turn them to your advantage:

  • Hungry Market

This is a major factor, no doubt.

Your book cover may be the plainest and most boring. It may come naked, with just the book…

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