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Rook – Shadow Dancer

First Name – Julia
Last Name – Picard
Age – 26
Sex – Female
Species – Human
Resonance – Darkness
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

A former member of the British Royal Guard, Julia took up arms against those who opposed Savage Steel as a matter of honor. She worked for Richard as his personal assassin for three years until he died at the hands of Short Change. However, she continued to work for the company after the fact and answered to the next highest power, Richard’s Daughter.

Julia preferred melee weapons such as daggers or knives and her resonance was tied to absence of light. Codenamed Rook, she could move nearly instantaneously across a surface in a straight line as long as a shadow covered it. Her resonance allowed her to dodge bullets and appear to be in multiple locations. She can attack from more than one angle as well.

Due to the nature of her abilities, her powers were weakest during the day when shadows are scarce. During the night, however, she was nearly untouchable. No resonance user in Richard’s private army could defeat her, except for Spectrum, who died before she had a chance for a rematch.

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