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Vanessa Faldon – Epic Wizard

First Name – Vanessa

Last Name – Faldon
Age – 19 Years
Sex – Female
Species – Human
Role – Epic Wizard
Book (Series) – Grimoire Fantastica


Vanessa was a prodigy among her community. Scarcely cut from the same cloth as Hector, she could conjugate her spell incantations when she was five. She could chain spells together, something not many adept wizards could claim to do.

Hector had a crush on her and she saw it as her duty to protect him from harm, so it was ironic that she met her end because Hector tried to protect her. He gave her a charm that backfired, allowing an arrow to pass through her protection spell and pierce her heart.

She had the power to slay an elder demon, or at least successfully bluffed one into believing it.

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