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Day 5 Challenge: Pen Names: Why Hide Behind Aliases?

Definitely all good reasons to have multiple pen names. I’d put branding at the top of my list, especially for genre writers. People come to expect a certain kind of product and a deviation from the norm can kill a fan base.
I remember looking up an author of a good book only to find that he wrote some other titles that put me off. Sadly, I haven’t bought from him since and it was difficult to look at the book I bought in the same way.

Self Publish Kindle Book

textI chanced upon a piece of cook book at the Amazon Kindle Store with the cover image of a delectable and highly enticing meal. It got my attention so I searched for similar titles under the same author.

I did find five to six more. Great work on the book covers. Same strong appeal. Same inviting effect.

As I scrolled down his Author Central page, I found more Kindle ebooks. They were erotica books featuring torrid, steamy and stimulating images of couples.

Okay, a chef who loves erotica. Why not?

Well, to some, this can be disturbing.

Pen Names: Should You Be Using One?

Let’s add a twist to this. What if, the author happened to be a prolific writer and did children’s books catering to the impressionable minds of 6-8 or 9-12 year-old kids? For sure, these age groups have the capability to search out books from the same…

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