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Servant of the Sword – Cover Re-Design

After doing some work on the Short Change cover, I decided to go back and tweak a few covers from previous books.  Thanks to feedback from my peers, it appears the designs are getting better, if only by little bits.

This is the last generation cover for Servant of the Sword.  Servant of the Sword was a fantasy swords and sorcery type short fiction that involved a zombie attribute to the storytelling.

Granted, people didn’t call them zombies and the physical properties of the infection were slightly different.  It was more like venom, from the Spider Man series.  An amorphous black blob creature fell to the planet in the body of an asteroid and…Go figure, it has replication powers.  It does so by infecting a living host at the cellular level.

The organism slowly consumes the flesh material of its host and the disease spreads through physical contact.  A bite, swipe from sword covered in the stuff…heck, even prolonged touch can spread the disease.  Once you’ve got a bit, that’s about the end of it.  Infection takes seconds, rather than hours, unlike a typical zombie flick.

Moving on, this is the newest cover.  The original always left some misgivings.  By the time I got around to it, a corrupted data file made going back through the layers physically impossible, but I’m currently in the process of re-editing all of my existing manuscripts for the purpose of making them really shine.  As well, after reading some of my older manuscripts, it was clear that some heavy editing needed to take place.

Granted, that’s not a bad thing.  It means that my writing ability has significantly improved.  Good editing was going to help raise my previous works closer to my current level.  Cover art was no exception and while no effort is perfect, I felt the new cover design did raise the presentation a few points above the previous edition, while holding true to the same message.

Servant of the Sword is now titled “Servant of the Sword: A Fantasy Zombie Tale”

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