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Day 4 Challenge: Three Costly Mistakes Indie Authors Make with Their DIY Book Cover

I’d place a good amount of importance on feedback. People just seem to know when a cover needs something or when a chapter doesn’t read well and peers can do this much better than the artist. I can’t count how many times peer feedback has led me to a better looking design, whether a plot element in a story or a book cover…or anything else.

Self Publish Kindle Book

sw_Editing_N10_20130809_230442No one is devoid of mistakes. They are there for certain reasons. As Henry C. Link, a famous psychologist from the 1800’s who was alienated from his Christian belief at one point in his faith, said humorously,

“While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.”

Flak that you get from your “rare” do-it-yourself (DIY) book cover should not hurt you. Theoretically speaking. In reality though, they do… like a two-edged knife that cuts through your heart. Ouch!

You may use those criticisms to be a Picasso at designing book covers. Why not? Many indie authors have become masterful not only at writing and publishing but also with cover creation.

Indie Author Priority: Writing or Cover Creation?

But, hey! Which one has more weight as gold? Which one would advance your publishing career?

Ummm, writing? Unless you’re a graphic artist who’s trying…

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