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Words like Water

Same here. I am writing something specifically for NaNoWriMo, but I’m also only at about 2,200 words. Definitely not going to make the 50,000 by the end of the month, but I share your view in that it’s more about developing consistency and following through. Hope you have something awesome by the end of it!

Conspicuous Ink

I’m not a fast writer. It is day four of Nanowrimo, and I’m only at 2,040 words. But I’m not discouraged. I’ve had work and other responsibilities, and it’s just the beginning.

Sometimes I feel like writing is like encountering a stopped up faucet, or a or leaking damn. At first only a little bit of water gets through. But over time, the strength of the water overcomes its barrier and pushes its way through, until the water is moving at full force. Words are like water. They’re powerful. Sometimes when you start out, the words are lost to you. They only trickle out. But the more you work on something the more easily the words come, and then they come out full force.


Right now, I feel like my words are blocked, but that they are trying to get out. I think with persistence they will come.

My goals…

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