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Voice Acting – An Original Power Rangers Character

Among the typical stuff, I host some voice acting bits on my video blog on YouTube. I use a combination of Audacity and Sony Vegas Movie Studio with my Blue Yeti Microphone.

Audacity is free for Windows & Mac and you can find it here.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio is like the Adobe Elements version of the Sony Vegas franchise. It doesn’t have all the features, but it does a pretty darn good job. What I enjoy about it for audio editing is that it can do most of the things that audacity can, except that each change can be individually switched on and off. In the end, it reduces editing time greatly.

This video, I made mostly for a friend. It’s a Power Rangers original character for his fan fiction…possibly someday movie. A previously unnamed antagonist, this fellow is an up and coming general who works directly under the Emperor. That, and that there’s a B-Team of Rangers. It was originally designed to be a super hero D&D Campaign.

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