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Writing Tips #5 Killing off characters

From a gaming perspective, FF7 and Grandia 2 left me without a vital character towards the end of the game. They weren’t even the main hero and I still felt cheated. However, I had a much better experience when a dead character was at least replaced by someone of comparable nature, like Legend of Dragoon or Last Remnant. Can anyone say Beerfest? Not sure how that sort of thing would work well in writing without coming off as comical.

Sacha Black


Killing off characters…

Whilst I might not be an accomplished published writer… yet and therefore not necessarily have the right to say what I am about to, I am a prolific bibliophile, which does give me the right as I may well read your work one day too! Just as a caveat, this isn’t meant as a slur on anyones work, just a lowly readers opinion.

So, killing off characters….. lots of people do it, in fact most authors kill off a character or two… Sometimes it helps to shimmy your plot along… Great, do it… but what about when you kill off a main character…?

George RR Martin does it all the time you say, well if game of thrones can do it then so can I.

No. No you can’t.

I mean, you could. But word of cautionary warning… don’t just kill off main characters without a irrefutable reason…

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