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Dr. Jean Taggard – Dr. Doppler

mhsl0wFirst Name – Jean
Last Name – Taggard
Age – 32 Years
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Resonance – Sound
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

A tall, thin man, Dr. Taggard was a doctor of psychology working for Savage Steel when he discovered his own resonance. It was in an encounter with a powerful resonance user who since left the organization.  The individual in question showed Dr. Taggard a spectrum of light that did not exist and the experience turned him blind and nearly drove him insane.

Dr. Taggard found that he could perceive sound the same way in which he could originally perceive light, but a hundred times amplified.  He could hear breathing, heart beats and anything that moved in a radius around him.  Taggard could even hear insects.  That said, he never got much sleep after the accident, but he learned methods of coping.

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