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Michael Flagstaff – Canadian Hound

0First Name – Michael
Last Name – Flagstaff
Age – 38 Years
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Resonance – ????
Book (Series) – UN.C. North America

Michael’s family had a military history, which led him to cut ties and become a Canadian Mountie for several years.  His knowledge and detective skills earned him the attention of Interpol, who worked with him on several occasions until they called on him regularly to help in ‘special’ cases.  Michael didn’t know it at first, but he was a designated hunter of resonance users gone rogue.  His nick name is the Canadian Hound on the job, and he has a strong sense of law which leads him to being used by those above him.

Michael’s Resonance is tied to a realm distinct from the physical world.  The Dark World.  He can phase in-between both worlds and when he is in one, he cannot be affected or sensed in the other, outside of special means.  Changing sides is taxing on his physical health and stamina, however and he can only manage so many shifts in a given day.

He can also place himself between both worlds and bring matter from each together.  His experience is that this leads to explosive effects when the two forms of matter cross.

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