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Daniel – Captain of the Watch

Shanks_Anime_InfoboxFirst Name – Daniel
Last Name – ????
Age – 29
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Role – Captain & Combat Trainer
Book (Series) – Servant of the Sword

Daniel served his King in the Veil as a Captain of the Watch and trained new recruits in his kingdom’s military.  His lodgings lurked outside of the castle city, off in a forested area a few dozen miles away.  Daniel lived there with his family and a handful of villagers.

Once the Apocalyptic fires rained down from the skies above, Daniel took it upon himself to investigate the disturbance and eventually decided to avenge the deaths of his fallen kin in the aftermath that followed.  He was getting too old to fight and there were hundreds of those who could have done the job better, but he was the only one present at the time.

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