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Franklin Beaudry – Man of Many Paths

533172-2834284-repo-sniper-1First Name – Franklin
Last Name – Beaudry
Age – 25
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Resonance – Paths
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

Franklin (AKA. Arc) was saved from a life of orphaned starvation by Rebecca Adamson, daughter of the Savage Steel owner and CEO.  Being brought up into the industry, he was trained in long range combat and during the process, discovered that he had a resonance tied to paths.  Arc could design a single trajectory in mind and have any projectile that left his hands follow it.

As a sniper, he could plot the paths of his own bullets to veer around obstacles in order to catch his prey, but his powers had a limitation.  Once the trajectory was established and the projectile thrown, he couldn’t change it.  A man of many paths, the one he wanted to change the most was his own.

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