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Happy New Year – Character Recap

I made quite a few character posts throughout the year of 2014, and because many are buried deep in the rubble of my older posts, I thought I’d bring them to light.  Not all of them, mind you.  In this case, I want to recap on the main protagonists and antagonists of “Short Change:  Book One of the Resonance Saga”.

Heroes of the Resonance Saga #1

102514_0358_MilesEmmers1.jpg  Miles Emmerson – Short Change

102514_0512_SimonBogart1.jpg  Simon Bogart – The Broker

Villains of the Resonance Saga #1

533172-2834284-repo-sniper-1  Franklin Beaudry – Arc

102514_0515_MadameLebla1.jpg  Emma “Madame” Leblanc

102714_0356_RichardAdam1.jpg  Richard Adamson – Iron Giant

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