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Lady Glenda – The Good Rogue

r169_457x256_6067_Ranger_and_Wolf_2d_fantasy_woman_wolf_bow_arrows_ranger_picture_image_digital_artFirst Name – Glenda
Last Name – ????
Age – 21
Sex – Female
Species – Human
Role – Ranger / Assassin
Book (Series) – Servant of the Sword

Glenda served as a maid in the castle, but in reality, she was a would-be assassin from a rival kingdom, come to pluck the old king from his throne.  She was skilled in ranged combat and poisons and had a knack for survival, but when the Apocalyptic fires rained down, she developed a change of heart and a new direction.

Concerned with the imminent doom spreading through the Veil, she aided Daniel and the King’s alchemist in an attempt to liberate the castle city and continued to fight even when all hope seemed lost.

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