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Third Commander Jerald – Of The Order

beard-kozaki_yusuke-lowres-male-official_art-payot-saiga_tatsumi-solo-speed_grapher-tagme2First Name – Jerald
Last Name – ????
Age -41
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Role – Third Commander of the Epsilon
Book (Series) – Star Power

Third Commander Jerald was a high ranking officer aboard the Epsilon and a member of a secret society known as the Order, whose mission is revealed in the book.  Jerald was selected to lead an exploratory team through the ruins of an abandoned station in Cerberus system.  He was expendable, along with the rest of them.  The least effective Commander.

However, when enemy forces overtook the Epsilon, he and his crew were the only one’s spared because they were in fact not aboard.  Jerald had his team contact the E.N.O. Federation with an emergency space fold transmission and then decided to lead the remaining crew of the Epsilon against the new threat.  He had to stall them long enough until their forces arrived…if they ever did.

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