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Captain Ralius – Old Allegiances

an-4First Name – ????
Last Name – Ralius
Age – 29 Cycles
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Role – Captain
Book (Series) – Dark Station

Ralius commanded his salvage crew for the last ten cycles, but prior to his freelance life, he served in the Union, a galactic federation of human colonies spanning several worlds.  His ties to his past were strong and left him without much of a way out when a Union General asked for his assistance.  Ralius knew the risks for the kind of mission he eventually agreed to, but his crew lacked the capacity to…follow protocol.

Ralius had a deeply analytic mind and always thought a few moves ahead, the unknowns of both his crew and the Union’s intentions left him guessing.  What really happened on Century Station?  Why did the Union want the file so badly?  What lied past the encryption?  Most of all, would his crew end of doing anything they might regret?  Ralius led his team into the heart of Century Station while the questions swirled in his mind, but he would find few answers.

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