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Lora – Communications Specialist

aisaka_taiga_toradora_angry_face_school_uniforms_wallpaper-8285First Name – Lora
Last Name – ????
Age – 25 Cycles
Sex – Female
Species – Human
Role – Communications
Book (Series) – Dark Station

Lora stumbled into salvage detail under the command of ex-military officer Ralius.  She and the crew worked as private contractors to gather resources or transport materials for third party clients across the Milky Way, while Lora specifically handled transactions and diplomacy when it came to meeting with new clients.  She was the face of the crew and served Ralius as a generalist in multiple trades, especially medicine and tech repair when Gebbley was busy with other duties.

Lora held a particular disdain for Ben Gebbley and his tendency to get into trouble around other members of the crew.  She often had to clean up for his mistakes and cover for his losses, so when the time came for some payback, she opted in.  However, she considered Ben something of a younger brother at heart, though she would never let him know it.

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