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Carl Humphrey – Cat Man

angry-neko-anime-animal-guys-4612517-450-450_largeFirst Name – Carl
Last Name – Humphrey
Age – 32
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Power – House Cat
Book (Series) – N/A

Carl was a lazy slob with few redeeming qualities as a human being.  He wound up tangled in a science experiment by a dark genius who called himself Splice, in which his essence was modified to include the physical feral qualities of a cat…a house cat.

Carl Humphrey now prowls the streets of North America for minutes at a time, while he spends most of his days laying around on his couch.  Yep, pretty much the same, but now he has cat powers!  Carl, gained certain mental capabilities as a result of the experiment, primarily that he is virtually immune to suggestion and mind control.

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