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Matt Summers – Deep Pockets

e3ny2qimFirst Name – Matt
Last Name – Summers
Age – 19
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Power – Pockets
Book (Series) – N/A

Matt had a knack for getting into trouble while the people he called friends drove him to shoplifting and pick pocketing.  When small time schemes turned to major heists, he found himself caught..almost.  An officer reached into his pocket to find nothing in the place of valuables he stuffed there earlier.

From that moment, Matt realized he had a special ability.  He could stick just about anything into his pockets and from point a to point b, nobody could touch them.  He soon learned to fit larger and larger items into smaller pockets until he could fit furniture inside them for storage.

At the height of his powers, once he came to a realization that all his pockets were connected, Matt could travel from one space to any other.

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