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Eric – Bot Master

FExaltedRPpicirst Name – Eric
Last Name – ????
Age – 40’s
Sex – Male
Species – Human?
Role – Bot Master
Book (Series) – Junk Bot Wizard

Eric lived on a planet where the higher orders of society threw their discarded scraps.  Metals singed under the light of a pulsing sun while plastics and most other belongings melted deep into the core of his world.  Eric couldn’t survive outside, given the radiation, so he fashioned little explorer bots to make runs and gather parts for either repairs or living improvements.  Cosmic rays slowly chipped away at his mind while he lived on this junk world, but his skills as a robotics engineer never faded.

On a routine run, his drones brought him a toy that managed to survive beneath heaps of trash and scrap metal.  A toy from a world far far away.  Reluctantly, he agreed to re-purpose it.  How can something this fragile contribute to his world?  His new found pet came with its own problems, as well, a longing for its family and a love that never faded.

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