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Helene Kirsch – All Brawn Astronaut

Zoe2-ken-marinaris3First Name – Helene
Last Name – Kirsch
Age – 23 years
Sex – Female
Species – Human
Role – Hired Gun
Book (Series) – Asteroid

An astronaut of German ancestry, Helene worked as a gun for hire in the outer tiers of the galaxy for a privately funded research station.  The station’s head scientist Hammond and the rest of the team often lacked the necessary funds to pay her on a consistent basis, but she stuck with them in spite of her waning bank account.  Years in isolation made them her family.

A fault of Helene’s would be an overestimation of her abilities in the face of the unknown, which often led her into danger.  On return flights from expeditions, she would complain to Hammond about the proverbial pins holding her space fighter together, though the bulk of the damage was self incurred.

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