Does Critique of Your Writing Hurt?

I’ve been in this situation a couple of times and reacted similarly, unfortunately. I tend to think it’s a reflex to want to explain to somehow how they should just read a little further. At least, for me it is and being married to every word is something I’ve had to work on steadily over the years. I think I reached a happy medium where I can handle criticism most of the time and I can reflect on it to make appropriate changes in my work.


Yesterday my new writers group held our first session of slow torture  helpful critique. Since it was the first, members were hesitant to volunteer. I stepped up as I have pretty thick skin when it comes to my writing (or so I thought). One of my editors told me years ago she loved working with me because I was perhaps her only client who was not “married to every word.” I’ve always been open to learning how much work can be improved and never took the corrections personally. I wasn’t even sure why any writer would.

Until yesterday.

The sample I offered was an excerpt from Tales From the Family Crypt. I chose the chapter where my father dies in my house. I felt it showcased the humor, (yes, even at the death scene) poignancy and overall tone/style of the book. Group members had read the excerpt in advance…

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