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Gilbert Beck – The Collector

4a5961ae8aada0ab39beab1d265ca0adFirst Name – Gilbert
Last Name – Beck
Age – 25
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Resonance – Data
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

Gilbert grew up on the outskirts of the influence of Savage Steel and discovered his resonance some time before Miles Emmerson, though he never managed to master the depths of his resonance until after Miles claimed the spotlight by defeating the CEO of Savage Steel.  As a result, Gilbert felt cheated out of becoming the hero in the new world and pushed himself to become the greatest resonance user who could rival even the folks at the UN.C.

Gilbert’s resonance was tied to data.  The more he observed an individual the more data he store that mental image.  Once he gathered enough, he could create a clone with all the powers and intelligence, save for one key difference.  As a product of his resonance, the clone followed his orders.  Gilbert found that there were limits to his powers, however.  His cloned creations lacked the punch of the original product and their existence was temporary.  He needed a chance to observe the most powerful resonance user.

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