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William – A New Spectrum

a9d6b53b9d3acea6b27d5546a997c738First Name – William
Last Name – ????
Age – 24 (approx.)
Sex – Male
Species – Human
Resonance – Light
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

He’d long since forgotten his original name, but Spectrum still answers to Will, especially by those who know him personally.  Formerly known as the mysterious color mage Splotch, he came to discover that his powers were tied to light, not color.  Splotch moved from being a painter to an illuminated artist with about as much creative skill…which is to say his art is awful still.

He took the name spectrum after he awakened to a few memories sealed away from conflicts in the past, not many, though the name Spectrum stuck out.  William considers himself more creative than the original spectrum appeared to be, perhaps a side effect of his days as Splotch, the starving artist.  He vows to pursue a different path than his predecessor personality.

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