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Magnanimous – Expanding a Resonance

Red HoodMagnanimous is a character who originally donned the title, Short Change, a pint sized super hero capable of telekinetically controlling small units of currency, namely coins.  From pennies to pesos, he could wield it all, but his powers had limits.

  1. For one, he could only control so much at one time.
  2. Second, his passive defense only worked when he wasn’t actively manipulating coins.
  3. Third and lastly, if the coin got bent during an attack, he could no longer use it.  This was because his resonance was tied to shape and material.

Prior to the third book, Short Change “expanded” his resonance, as the term is coined.  (See what I did there?)  It was already hinted that a large part of the limitations on a resonance was in the mind of the user and improving one’s own abilities came down to breaking or at least bending these mental blocks.

This process is called “Expanding” one’s resonance and Miles did that at the point when he convinced himself that metals from coins still counted.  It took a year of intense training, but he succeeded and donned the title, Magnanimous, a true metallomancer rivaling even the Steel Soldier.  Miles could telekinetically manipulate metals in any size or shape as long as they were used in a form of standard coinage currency.

Gold, Copper, Tin, Aluminum, Zinc and even Iron.  He could sense them all and manipulate them using his new found powers and that’s not to say that’s all he can do, but that’s for another time.

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