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Glenda Beck – A Character Gender Bend

4a5961ae8aada0ab39beab1d265ca0adA bit ways into writing the first draft of Resonance #3, I wrote a scene in which the main protagonist, Magnanimous, encountered a character with an extraordinary power to copy and multiply instances of a person.  In this case, Magnanimous had to face off against multiple versions of himself.

I juggled around multiple names and made a post on the current work in progress:

Gilbert Beck, The Collector, whose resonance was tied to data.

However, I noticed that the third book was lacking a strong female lead, so after reviewing the possible characters, I decided to make Gilbert a female.

Glenda 2Meet, Glenda Beck, also known as Fraction.

Powers wise, they stayed the same, except that Glenda had a resonance tied to mathematical operations, specifically multiplication and division.  Given enough data, she could produce a puppet copy of an individual or fifteen if the situation called for it, though some abilities divided as the instances multiplied, which she found out the hard way.

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