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Glenda Beck – Fraction

Glenda 2First Name – Glenda
Last Name – Beck
Age – 23
Sex – Female
Species – Human
Resonance – Mathematics
Book (Series) – Resonance Saga

Glenda Beck was quite possibly the laziest resonance user in the UK, so much in fact that Savage Steel neither bothered to hunt her down nor offer her a job at the industry, which was surprising.  Glenda’s resonance was tied to Mathematical operations, specifically division and multiplication.

She could produce copies of herself, each with their own mannerisms and independent behaviors, though some key characteristics divided as the doubles multiplied, causing intellectually weak or physically inept characters.  Social skills tended to decline as well, which was why she determined the limit of her ability to multiply was about fifteen.

Originally, her copies did little more than fulfill basic household functions.  Number four did homework and chores.  Number three scouted out for groceries and ran outdoor errands.  Number two…watched all of Glenda’s favorite shows.

After hearing news of the Birmingham Incident, she vowed to become a powerful resonance user by taking on and defeating Magnanimous.  Not even her own copies had faith in her.

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