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Berlin Djinn – Resonance #3 Book Cover Reveal

I’ve written over half of book #3 in the Resonance Saga, so I took the time to work on my current cover design and after a good number of revisions, I have what I consider to be a working copy.  The result is below.

The 50% rule is something I always stick to.  Never do extra stuff for your book, like cover design or character art until you’ve got at least half of it done.  I use this rule because doing extra things generally kills the momentum of writing and it becomes difficult to push through if you’ve only written a chapter and just got done with the cover art and character insert sketches.  Granted, that frame of mind also works well because I really need to write at least half the book before I can seriously consider what might go into a cover or character art.

Things may change in the future between now and the release, but I think I have a theme that matches the texture and lighting of the previous covers.

Berlin Djinn Cover 1.2

Berlin Djinn Cover 1.2

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