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Berlin Djinn – NaNoWriMo Progress Update

I started writing the rough draft to Berlin Djinn, the third and final book in the Resonance Saga, early in April.  I am happy to say that the rough draft is almost complete, save for about three chapters and an epilogue, depending if I need to insert some random ones after the first run of revisions.

However, this means that I unfortunately might not reach my goal of having a working rough draft by the end of April.  Granted, I might, and even still it’s going to be pretty close to my original projections and well within my deadlines for publication.

Therefore, I expect the third book to be up sometime late this May and I definitely will release what I want to call a compilation for those who want the whole experience in one go.  I need to think of a name for the trilogy…gosh darn, the first one I ever wrote since Endless Abyss.

Serialized fiction has taught me a lot about writing good story arcs and characters and while Berlin Djinn marks the end of the Resonance Saga, that doesn’t mean this will be the last we see of Magnanimous or any of the other major players for that matter.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far and just for fun, here are the three working covers for the series.

SC Cover 3.4

Steel Cover 1.1

Berlin Djinn Cover 1.2

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