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Loving Pinterest – Social Photo Sharing

pinterest-logoThere are a lot of photo sharing sites out on the net, but few function as social networks and the ones that do either have restrictive upload limitations or niche crowds I don’t belong to.  I chose to embrace Pinterest and I’ll say why toward the end of this post.  You can skip down if you want, though for the time being, the following were my runner ups in order from best to worst…


  • Good upload limit
  • Diverse crowd
  • No social networking

Deviant Art

  • Good upload limit
  • Strange people
  • Sort of social networking?

Photo Bucket

  • Decent upload limit, but ads
  • Diverse people
  • No social networking

My Final Choice


unnamedPinterest has no real upload limit on it’s site from what I could gather.  File compression is kept at a minimum as well, so sharing allows access to something close to the original image.  In fact, the only site I might choose over Pinterest is Flickr.

Despite being owned and operated by Yahoo and needing a yahoo email account to operate, Flickr has a nearly unlimited upload limit for the free version and can grant users access to the original image.  Flickr is a great site for sharing high res photos.  On the other hand, Pinterest does everything else better.  I can organize my photos into categories, or boards and the user interface is intuitive.  I even installed a browser plugin that allows me to add any image I see online with a mouse click.  I can instantly pull from a huge repository of photos and memes and art that other people are doing and stick them on my site.

The best part yet is that I can use my photos to interact with other people I know in either real life or the net.  Many of my friends and internet acquaintances have Pinterest accounts.  A few of them are avid gamers and I was surprised what I found in the realm of final fantasy.

To wrap it up, Pinterest may be my new best friend for the coming months.  For the author in me, I might find a way to incorporate some of my Pinterest boards on this blog.

2 thoughts on “Loving Pinterest – Social Photo Sharing”

  1. i use flickr for my nature photos. i think it does have social networking, although diff to other sites. there are contacts instead of followers, groups where discussions happen, tags linking photos and geotags linking locations. i use geotags to find photographers in my area and i have friends on flickr too. i’ve never used pinterest, maybe i should try it


    1. Yeah flickr is my second favorite and its definitely great for nature or urban photos. You can geotag your pins on pinterest I believe, though I haven’t made use of the mapping feature yet.


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