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RES Cover 2.1I am happy to say the Berlin Djinn (Resonance #3) is now on pre-order, scheduled to debut early in June at most major online retailers.  Amazon Kindle is a different story, being that they have a slightly different time scale on pre-order dates.  Regardless, Berlin Djinn will hit kindle later during June.

If you’re a bargain hunter like me, then I can say I prepared for that eventuality, because I also put together a box set which should hit retailers on the fourth of July.  If you are a kindle user, I have even better news.  Because I button mashed…ahem, I mean because I love kindle so much, the complete saga is available now at

If you like to read super hero fiction or just like lighthearted adventure stories, then check out the Resonance Saga.

A world of resonance erupts with people who have powers over oddly specific domains. Meet Miles Emmerson, A.K.A. Short Change, a pint sized super hero with the ability to manipulate small units of currency. Miles isn’t the only resonance user in town, though. Together, he and his allies strike back at Savage Steel and the dark figures who abuse their powers and wreak havoc across France, Germany and the UK.

Short Change (Resonance #1)

Steel Soldier (Resonance #2)

Berlin Djinn (Resonance #3)

The Complete Series (Resonance Saga)

My Smashwords Page

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