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Summer Plans

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSummer is here and while I will always have obligations, I am looking to increase my weekly word count to even bigger proportions.  Right now, my limit is about 10,000 words in a month if I can motivate myself, so with the ease of summer floating by, I intend to up that to 12,000.

My plans for this time of the year are loose in terms of titles I want to push out.  Right now, the only thing I know I want to complete is the UN.C. North America Division spinoff from the Short Change universe.  Other than that, I probably plan to write a whole host of short fiction to accompany the book.

As a rule, each time I finish a big one, I ease up on the gears with something smaller.  I have been working on the Resonance Saga for a good six months, so I think I can take a short break with some good fantasy or sci-fi pieces.  I tend to think I like writing either science fiction or contemporary fantasy.  In fact, the good old fantasy, with swords, magic and stuff…yeah, not really much into writing that.



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